Find out how Jamie Lee Curtis has succeeded in maintaining her authenticity and managed to rise above the many pressures that accompany Hollywood stardom.

Enjoy the inspirational sounds of Snatam Kaur during a truly magical two-and-half-hour concert as she shares music for the soul -- traditional chants with a contemporary feel.

Jeanette Allom-Hill will infuse you with passion and enthusiasm -- igniting a fire in the soul of every businesswoman and visionary! You'll take your passion to the next level as Jeanette helps you realize the incredible possibilities of your true potential.

Dr. Ellie Drake’s is a true visionary. Her vision will be a catalyst for your transformations as she discusses the tools and attitude changes necessary for womento achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success!  Her own personal success story will awaken creative potential in your life.  You will discover the importance of removing the blocks to prosperity that lie within and learn the recipe for a life-changing journey as you RISE and Shine.

One of the biggest announcements BraveHeart Women has ever made since its inception, is that we are now a Vision and company for the “benefit” of Mother Earth and other Visionaries.  With the continued growth of BraveHeart Women, we are excited about supporting a thriving planet, while at the same time becoming the catalyst for prosperity creation for every Visionary involved with BraveHeart Women.  You too could be one of those Visionaries.  As the BraveHeart Women Global community thrives and expands more and more, so will the Visionaries.

This year, RISE & SHINE 2013 celebrates Mother Earth and encourages attendees to display and sell their unique products and services that promote sustainability in our marketplace.  Usually, this type of exposure would cost thousands of dollars, but we are offering this opportunity for FREE!  The only requirement is for you to sign up for RISE & Shine 2013, and then fill out the Express Your Gift form, which will come after you sign up.  You will then receive a space for four nights, so you can share your gifts with 1,000 supportive fans! Space is limited, so hurry.  It will be available on a first-rise, first-express basis.

Women from all walks of life, whether they are corporate executives, entrepreneurs, healers, and teachers, find exactly what they require to blossom on their path while experiencing RISE. There are endless stories of women who have come to the Rise event uncertain of what they would find. You will hear the testimonies of last year’s attendees who now own their own space in an authentic and genuine state – blossoming one petal at a time.  Find out how they awakened their gift and became clear on their purpose at RISE.

In addition to our amazing featured speakers and presenters, this year,
we are delighted to be able to present many of our own
BraveHeart Women
who will share some of their personal success gems – wonderful stories of
epiphany and inspiration that will surely resonate with many of you!

Why You Should Attend RISE 2013!

No matter what life may currently be for you – whether you’re experiencing success, apathy or adversity – the call to RISE is a chance to embrace your journey with courage and heart and let your light SHINE!

  • Regain enthusiasm and passion for what you do!

  • Revitalize and refocus your career path!

  • Fire up a creative spark to pursue a new business or personal endeavor!

  • Gain strength and focus in your personal and professional pursuits!

  • Embark on a personal journey of discovery – a truly life-changing experience bursting with inspiration, bright ideas and creative energy!

This fabulous, four-day event is the ultimate experience for women with vision! RISE & Shine 2013 is a platform for global enhancements that we can birth together – a time for the enrichment and transformation of your personal and professional life.

BraveHeart Women from around the world are gathering to RISE together, November 13 – 17, at the stylish LAX Marriot in Los Angeles.  Come be a part of this joyful, inspirational, life-changing event! Over 1,000 women will join together and shine like the stars they are! They will share their smiles, their joy, their energy and their light. RISE will be an event like no other!

Great News for RISE 2013 ticket holders!

You have the opportunity to be a part of the Five-Year Anniversary Party on Friday,
November 15th with our special Resonators, DYBO Specialists and Harmony Facilitators.

BraveHeart Women celebrate 5 years of

RISE 2013 will be a momentous occasion!

We will be celebrating 5 years of discovery, collaboration, leadership and blossoming
among BraveHeart Women. Imagine 1,000 bright stars gathered together in synergetic alignment!
Dr. Maya Angelou says, "Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

Come join us for this momentous illumination!

"The burden of wasted potential is the biggest burden of all. Surrender to your global purpose, knowing that you're her to Rise up into that." ~Ellie Drake

but you're receiving this invite from someone who has most-likely reserved a ticket for you. 

Helen Hunt

“My purpose – my North Star is the joy of motherhood…also, not courting chaos and drama.  My intention is to build more soul strength.”

Dr. Maya Angelou

I'm Maya Angelou, and I'm proud to be called a BraveHeart Woman.

Nancy O'Dell

A BraveHeart Woman is a woman who is confident and believes in herself.

Dee Wallace

I love myself so much, that I’m going to allow myself to create and experience everything I want…Let go of what no longer serves you and create new realities!

It's time to RISE & SHINE!

Contact the person who sent you
this invite to declare your ticket!

It's not about holding onto the past or staying stuck in the present,
it's about being inspiration in action. It's time to RISE & SHINE!

Each day at RISE 2013 will offer a variety of exciting, enriching educational seminars
and presentations from our amazing lineup of speakers and presenters!

RISE is an annual event organized by BraveHeart Women. Every year, women pilgrimage to RISE to rejuvenate and rejoice! They enrich their minds and feed their souls throughout four spectacular days – listening to amazing speakers, learning from incredible educational seminars, interacting with like-minded women, dancing, laughing, singing and having an absolute blast!

There are many thousands of women around the world who have found a new sense of purpose and direction thanks to RISE and the BraveHeart community. BraveHeart Women are equipped to blossom, to grow, and to evolve. Women from all walks of life are learning the power of relationship – the influence of collaboratively journeying together.

BraveHeart Women are courageous, innovative, spirited, expressive, harmonious and prosperous visionaries.  With a purpose to inspire women world-wide, RISE & Shine 2013 will be a power-packed experience that will ignite a fire inside you.

Do you want to see change in the world? Do you want to be a trailblazer and actually create these changes?  Do you want to live inside your possibility?

               BraveHeart Women embrace the call to SHINE.
               BraveHeart Women choose COURAGE.
               BraveHeart Women RISE ABOVE, no matter what the circumstance.
               BraveHeart Women find JOY in the journey.
               BraveHeart Women are INSPIRATION in action.
               BraveHeart Women embrace CHANGE from the inside out.


Marianne Williamson is a spiritual teacher, author and lecturer. On October 20, 2013, she announced her candidacy for California's 33rd congressional district, joining fellow candidate Brent Roske in the race with Rep. Henry Waxman. She has published ten books, including four New York Times #1 bestsellers. She is also the founder of Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS. Additionally, Marianne is the force behind "Sister Giant" a series of seminars and teaching sessions that seeks to provide women with the information and tools needed to run for office.


Arthur Joseph is a world renowned communication expert and vocal coach to the stars! His current and previous students include A-list actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, and Sela Ward; world-class athletes and Olympians such as Julie Foudy, Magic Johnson, and Emmitt Smith; and business leaders Anthony Robbins and Pat Riley. Joseph has also worked with organizations including Ernst & Young, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, Walt Disney Imagineering, ESPN and Access Hollywood.


Rickie Byars Beckwith’s songs of unconditional love and spiritual transformation are the highlight of consciousness raising events throughout the world.  A world-renowned singer/songwriter, Rickie is the Music and Arts Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center where she directs the 200-member Agape International Choir. Featured guest artists who regularly perform with the Choir include John Legend,Will.I.Am, Stevie Wonder, Niki Haris, Brenda Marie Eager, and Tim McAfee-Lewis.