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The Female Quantum Journey will help you overcome any personal and professional challenges that disconnect you from your purpose. A plan designed specifically for women! This is where your body's biochemistry meets your soul's purpose!

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Once you discover these 6 simple practices for bringing your body into ease, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Once you understand the many ways the hormone oxytocin positively affects your physiology and professional performance, you will naturally be motivated to live on this relaxed and high energy hormone, instead of adrenaline.

Class 2

Learn a simple process for hypothalamic retraining and why it holds a key to success for all passionate visionaries and advocates. Learn how to align your purpose internally to set you up for success.

Class 3

Understanding your survival pattern automatically increases your self awareness, an essential ingredient for transformation. The visualization exercise for shifting into prosperity consciousness powerfully teaches your cellular, visceral & somatic bodies, a new wisdom and intelligence that will become innate with practice.

Class 4

The subconscious recalibration visualization exercise will bring you into strong, yet peaceful, feelings of wholeness. It’s easy to remember and practice anytime you need a boost of resilience. Mastering the power of intention requires building a reservoir of intention units - you’ll learn how to do this at the cellular level.

  • Ignite your Personal, Professional, and Global Purpose Energies.
  • Recognize your default surviving pattern and realize how it's been blocking you from thriving.
  • Identify your basic past imprints and understand how to prevent them from reprinting the same patterns that sabotage your success in life.
  • Find out about 10,000 year old obsolete evolutionary behaviors that are running your subconscious programming and free yourself from the adverse effects they're having on your relationships and your business.
  • Understand the formula for embodying feminine energy and accessing masculine energy in order to create results and manifest intentions with more ease.
  • Learn why the adrenalin based formula of positive thinking and overcoming your fears does not work for a woman's body and why it causes physiological and mental overwhelm.
  • Discover why you feel burned out. Learn to undo the cycle of adrenal burnout and understand how to stop operating from the survival states of fight, flight, and freeze.
  • Learn how to calibrate your subconscious mind into wholeness using your brain's alpha waves.
  • Discover what intention units are and how to to invest these powerful building blocks to manifest results with less struggle and more ease.
  • Get a taste of the Female Prosperity Model and find out about the 9 prosperity points that teach you to gracefully bypass the pitfalls.

During the FSM course experience, you'll learn to:

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4 Class Video Webinar Series

  • Strip away the distractions that keep you from remembering your ultimate Global Purpose!
  • Learn the step-by-step journey to remembering your Global Purpose! Discover the difference between density and Destiny, and learn how to keep shifting from one to the other.
  • Begin to recognize the current of light within you, learn to embody and emanate it, and receive the joy of creating a wave with other like-hearted women on the planet…
  • Learn about the art of connection, the science of passion, and the integration of both as you master your ability to download, upload, and joyously implement.

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As BraveHeart Women, we know that each and every one of us has a Global Purpose - a holistic contribution to bring to our global community.

When we recognize this Purpose and blossom and create together in the spirit of authentic collaboration, each individual expression expands the collective circle, strengthening a harmonious movement toward the creation of a more awakened world that is pulsating with possibility and rippling with essence!


"The tools of the FSM have now become a way of life for me. I can now shift from struggle to more EASE in my life in minutes allowing for a feeling of successfulness and openness. Discovering EASE breathing has opened me up to self trust and self love; teaching me how to shift from adrenaline into oxytocin and dopamine with ease, which feels delicious in my body."

~Adrienne MacDonald

"I love being me & I genuinely personally blossom from all that I do. Hearing the gems from the video, suddenly I realized that in my Personal Life, I was blossoming but in my Professional life I was coming from a place of fear, fright, lack and poverty! In a nano-second, it all shifted, and in response to the shift, within 24 hours, $$ and the opportunity to earn $$ showed up!"

~Laura Tria

"Becoming aware of my personal wholeness words allowed me to simply & quickly re-calibrate my subconscious mind. I enjoy this self nurturing process & am surprised every time I find myself at ease in situations where I used to be reactive, as a result."

~Dianne Gray

"Such rich material to enjoy in each video. I found every one extraordinary listening for the first time, and now on my third time through I am continually surprised at how much new insight is there for me. While each lesson offers new perspectives, I especially loved the exercise for shifting into prosperity consciousness."

~Kate Spencer

"The Female Success Model has given me tools that work for a woman's body and mind. I say good bye to the distorted masculine energy that our culture passed on to me. I am learning to experience the power, joy and ease of my feminine energy, more awakened, and less judgmental of myself."

~Anita Conway

"Female Success Model is exactly that - A beautiful, unique and comprehensive model for success for me as a woman in every area of my life. The tools and exercises are very powerful and take so little time to practice on a regular basis. And, the video series is available 24/7 for review, and not just for a limited time period. What a beautiful way to really embody more ease and pleasure as a woman. I love having these tools that have taught me to live from overflow rather than burden."

~Sarah Amos

"The Female Success Model is a journey that everyone should experience. She has opened doors of enlightenment that I did not know existed and allowed me to expand into so much more that I knew was always within me but didn't know how to reach. With each class I learn something new and discover more and more about me, which I just LOVE."

~Wendy Woodworth

"As a Mom of nine children you can imagine how busy I am and yet through FSM I have been gaining insights on how to create an inner state of peace in the midst of all the responsibility of daily life. This is truly priceless to me. Whether I am shopping, doing laundry, making dinner or going to school conferences, learning how to access my inner state of peace at all times has taken my level of joy, energy and sense of purpose to a whole new level."

~Sylvia Miller

"The Female Success Model is a wealth of practical tools which have helped me improve the quality and ease of my life. I love that I have the videos to listen to again because each time I have watched them I get another level of insight. I also enjoy learning about the science of how the tools work which helps me have a better understanding of my body and emotions."

~Cathrine Estar

"The Female Success Model is not another training workshop. It is the beginning of a beautiful unique journey within each woman that is willing to gift herself the experience. Through my journey, I am learning to truly understand and embrace my unique feminine energy. When you know better you do better! The shifts that have happened are subtle and continuous. You will collect more tools with each class that naturally become everyday principles for living your life in Ease."

~Kathy Carlson

Ellie interviews
Neale Donald Walsch

Ellie interviews
Dr. Maya Angelou

Ellie interviews
Jamie Lee Curtis

Ellie interviews
Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

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The Female Success Model has never been so affordable, with prices you simply can’t afford to miss!

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“I always receive gems from the other women in my group - a total enhancement to the videos.”

“The women in the study groups have become some of my dearest friends.“

“There is nothing more inspiring than women connecting in their passion for being their best Selves.”

“It’s so exciting to see that no matter our race, our culture, if we are married, single, with or without children - we are all the same. We are women who are seeking to free our true selves, live in harmony with each other and change ourselves into the best that we can be. I feel so blessed to be on this journey with such amazing sisters. It truly touches my soul and I could never go back to the old me.”

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The Female Success Model
will help you overcome personal and professional
challenges that disconnect you from your purpose.

This is where your body's biochemistry meets your soul's purpose!