What is DYBO?

DYBO stands for "Dance Your Buts Off!" Not the ones you sit on – we're talking about the "buts" you live in and live with!

How many times have you heard someone say how much they’d love to do something – but they’re too busy – but they’re too tired – but they don’t have what it takes?
These “buts” are blocking our path to reaching our full potential as women and discovering our Personal, Professional and Global Purpose. DYBO creates a space
where women can release their inner blocks, joyously
and with ease.  

DYBO is a Movement! Although we move our body as we dance our 'buts' off, this movement is about freeing ourselves from our inner blocks, not about the need to exercise. It is a transformational movement that frees the mind, heart, and soul and it happens to move the body too, so don’t be surprised if you drop some pounds!

What if you could help other women to release all of their 'buts' by bringing the Dance Your 'Buts' Off™ movement to your local area? You don’t have to be a dancer or a fitness instructor – yet you can be a catalyst for transformation in the lives of women in your community as they dance their buts off. You’ll also have lots of fun, and be able to Create Prosperity for yourself!  

And there’s more! By becoming a DYBO Specialists you’re going to become a better communicator, a better entrepreneur and a better visionary. You’re going to learn how to launch a movement. This is a part-time opportunity that will have a full-time impact on your entire life – it will assist you with every area of your professional and personal purpose. Become a certified DYBO specialist and create your own “Dance Your Buts Off” tribe to share this amazing, celebratory experience!

It’s time to take inspired action! If you feel that DYBO Specialist Certification is the right path for you, don’t delay! DYBO Certification is available via online courses as well as periodic live trainings. This is a part-time opportunity that will have a full-time impact on your entire life! By becoming a DYBO Specialist, you’re going to become a more effective communicator, a more proactive entrepreneur and a more empowered visionary. You’re going to learn how to launch a movement!

This is an opportunity to create a new life for yourself as you transform the lives of women in your community, build prosperity which includes an additional thriving revenue stream for yourself, and develop a sense of profound fulfillment in the process.

To qualify to become a BraveHeart Women DYBO Specialist, please complete this form. A $99 assessment fee is required to cover initial evaluation of your suitability for the program. If you do not proceed to DYBO certification this fee will be reimbursed.

DYBO is spreading all around the world, and you want to 
be sure that you are a part of this incredible opportunity as a DYBO specialist! Once you fill out this initial form, you will be presented with a calendar where you can then choose a date and time to speak with us...

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During your call, we will help you determine if DYBO is in alignment with your purpose and if it can enhance your already existing business, career, practice, or vision.

Become a Certified DYBO Specialist!

  • Taught by experienced DYBO Specialists in locations worldwide!

  • Incredible three-day training covers all aspects of DYBO, including teaching and personal applications!

  • Special package includes meals and accommodations.

  • Receive all the marketing materials required to create an amazing DYBO tribe in your local community!

  • Ongoing support and guidance from experienced DYBO Specialists!

For women who wish to go a little deeper into their own personal DYBO journey while obtaining certification, live trainings are scheduled periodically at locations worldwide. While not necessary, live trainings are also highly beneficial as a supplement to online DYBO certification!

DYBO Specialist Certification

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